Hello. I'm Mikey.

Digital Product Manager + iOS Dev

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"Mikey met every challenge with curiosity and vision, even when asked to wade into unfamiliar territory."

Sara Rotman

CEO at NEWCo Branding
“His days of working at Apple may be over, but he is still a Genius in our book.”

Creative Team

MODCo Creative
"I am continually impressed with Mike’s accuracy, professionalism, attention to detail, and willingness to go above and beyond for the benefit of a project."

Suze Dowling

General Manager at Gin Lane

Dark Draft

A simple freewriting iOS app to help you generate content - because words are hard.

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One Night Out

App Concept and finalist for the "App for Europe" 2018 Challenge. ONO allows users to book a night out with a local to provide an inside look into the language, culture and fun that a city offers.

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The only iOS app that generates original artwork with your health information. Available for download today.

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Web Projects

Selection of projects created at NEWCo Branding + MODCo.

IBM CognitiveHack 2018 Winner

Created an iOS app called OKWatson, integrating the power of Watson Assistant with Voice.

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